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The 10 Rarest Delta Integrale variants

As far as "Homologation Specials" go, the Delta Integrale has been a very successful one on the market as well, on top of being a race winner, with over 44.000 cars sold between 1987 and 1994. But some of them are more special than others...

“La Lancia, unico costruttore al mondo ad aver vinto dieci titoli mondiali Rally, dopo il quinto successo consecutivo della Delta e il titolo mondiale piloti, sospende l’attività agonistica."

This rather laconic press release from Fiat Auto announced, a few days before Christmas of 1991, the end of Lancia's involvement in the World Rally Championship. Thirty years have since passed, but the Italian marque still is the winningest automaker in WRC history, with ten championship titles.

The last six of them came in sequence, courtesy of the legendary Delta Integrale, another record still standing to this day.

All the 44.296 road-going Delta Integrale produced are exceptional cars, but some variants are even more special due to their extremely limited production. Here are the ten rarest Delta Integrale variants of all time.

10) La Perla - 300 Cars

Introduced in early '94, the Integrale "La Perla" is perhaps one of the best looking Deltas ever made. Finished in pearlescent white with a silver coachline, this edition had a sumptuous blue leather interior that perfectly complements its look. Period marketing material indicates that production was capped at 300 cars, although other sources claim up to 365 were made.

9) Edizione Finale - 250 Cars

Production of the Delta Integrale came to an end in November 1994, with this batch of 250 cars whose specification was carefully planned by Lancia's Japanese importer, down to the very last detail.

Being the last of the line, all cars were catalyzed "Evo 2" cars; their 215HP engines unchanged save for the cam cover painted red.

All cars were finished in Rosso Amaranto with contrasting black bonnet grilles and a blue on yellow stripe running on the bonnet and roof. The standard 16" Speedline Montecarlo wheels were dark grey rather than the usual silver. The interior sported a starter button on the dashboard, a plaque with the example's progressive number, aluminum pedal covers, and an OMP footrest on the passenger's side. Interestingly, the Edizione Finale's headlights are those fitted to older Integrale models, with the inner pair smaller in diameter, rather than the four equal ones of all Evoluzione models.

8) Giallo Ginestra - 220 Cars

The 1993 Giallo Ginestra has been the first limited edition based on the so-called "Evo 2" models, with 16" wheels and catalyzed engine.

This series carried no special identification badges and, apart from the exterior color, was characterized by the yellow stitching on its black interior. It's believed 220 examples were made.

7) Blu Lagos - 215 Cars

The Blu Lagos is one of my favorite Integrale models, as I just love the tasteful combination of this metallic blue shade with a beige leather interior that characterizes it. All the 215 cars were made in 1994, and it's rumored the first one went in the garage of the Dutch royal family.

6) Dealers Collection - 177 Cars

The Dealers Collection, much like the Edizione Finale, was made in late '94 to commemorate the end of Integrale production. As the name suggests, these cars were reserved for Lancia dealers. 177 were made, all finished in triple coat pearlescent red with beige leather interior, starter button on the dash, and an OMP aluminum footrest on the passenger's side.

5) Zagato Hyena - 24 Cars

Conceived by the Dutch businessman Paul Koot and Andrea Zagato, the Hyena was a stunning 2 seater coupé based on the Integrale's floorpan and running gear. The Hyena's used the same glass area, door frames, and roof structure of the Alfa Romeo SZ cleverly adapted to the Delta's floorpan. Thanks to the aluminum skin panels and the carbon fiber used for many interior components, the Hyena weighed around 200 Kg less than the donor Delta while offering superior torsional rigidity.

The intended batch of 75 cars was never completed, with only 24 Hyenas finding buyers because of the conversion's eye-watering price.

4) Club HiFi - 18 Cars

The club HiFi was composed of the most faithful, hard-core Lancia fans, the only people allowed to purchase this exclusive Integrale model in 1994. Finished in Blu Lord with a blue and yellow stripe and a tan leather interior, the cars came with their own set of fitted luggage. The 18 first owners had each their name on a plaque on the center console.

3) Club Italia - 15 Cars

The Club Italia reunites a small number of wealthy Italian automobile enthusiasts, whose ties with the national motor industry sometimes leads to unique vehicles solely available to its members. The 1992 Delta Integrale Club Italia is one of them. Offered with either the standard engine or one tuned up to 260HP, all 15 Delta Club Italia had their cam cover painted in yellow and blue as a nod to the classic Fulvia HF. The exterior was finished in Blu Lord, while the interior was upholstered with burgundy leather. Curiously, the individual cars are numbered between 1 and 16, avoiding the number 13 for superstition.

2) Club Lancia - 8 Cars

The Club Lancia exists to this day, reuniting the owners of historic Lancia models. The Delta Integrale "Club Lancia," much like the Club HiFi mentioned previously, was only available to club members and came with the same stripe and fitted luggage set, but was finished in Rosso Monza with black leather interior.

1) Cabriolet - One-Off

It should come as no surprise that the most unique, exclusive Delta Integrale was made for Giovanni Agnelli, the Fiat group's long-time president, who kept it at his St. Moritz home. The car no longer belongs to the family, and in 2017 was displayed at Turin's national motor museum.


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