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About Me


I've been obsessed with cars for as long as I can remember, and I started drawing them the very moment I could hold a pencil in my hand.

Being born in the 1980s Turin, it wasn't long before I realized there were people actually drawing cars for a living: I remember I had a Giugiaro Design school diary, sometime in the late 80s, and every month there was a glossy picture of some of his concept cars. From then on, my path was set: I was going to be a "car designer", come hell or high water, and have now been living the dream for about ten years.

Roadster Life is intended to be a space dedicated to the "Gentleman Petrolhead", a place dedicated to automobile culture.

Now I'm a freelancer, living and breathing my automotive passion through my YouTube channel, the books I write, and my articles on Medium.

Matteo Licata

Why Roadster Life?

For those of you curious enough to wonder where the name of my website comes from, here's your answer...

I've never been a great fan of "supercars", or "GTis"... My favorite form of motoring has always been the classic two-seater roadster: in my view, it's the most engaging, pure, and romantic way to travel.

Just one carefully chosen passenger, little luggage because life isn't about possessions, the open road...

All this romanticism, this escapism that I saw on period Triumph, MG, or AlfaRomeo brochures led me to buy my first ragtop in 2007: a 1976 Triumph Spitfire, looking great in British Racing Green with tan interior.

After that, in 2008 came a '97 Mazda MX-5, which got me hooked on Mazda's little roadsters!


In the end, it's all about the road less traveled, the one with more curves, the one with a story to tell...

Roadster Life

“Sono i sogni a far vivere l’uomo. Il destino è in buona parte nelle nostre mani, sempre che sappiamo chiaramente quel che vogliamo e siamo decisi ad ottenerlo”.

“Dreams are what makes a man alive. Destiny rests largely in our own hands , provided that we know what we want and are decided to have it”.

Enzo Ferrari

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