Universo Ferrari 2019

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Ferrari presents, at the upscale event "Universo Ferrari," its two latest models: the F8 Spider and the 812 GTS.

This occasion was made even more special by the possibility to give a closer look at the complete Ferrari range: a fascinating glimpse in the life of the "one-percenters."

Shown in a particularly pretty metallic yellow with gold reflections, the F8 Spider is, of course, the drop-top convertible derivative of the recently launched F8 Tributo. Both cars are evolutions of the 488 which, in itself, carried over much of the earlier 458's underlying architecture.

This kind of "sedimentation" of design themes kind of shows though: mind you, the new car is a stunner, thanks to its dramatic proportions, but it's far too "busy" for my tastes.

This is particularly evident if you look at the front and rear ends of the car, especially its tormented front bumper. The rear end of the F8 is pleasantly reminiscent of older Ferrari models, but there's still too much going on, in my view.

On such an expensive machine I'd have liked to see more slick and modern solutions for details like the door handles and side repeaters too. What I've found excellent is the interior, though. It's evident the effort that Ferrari now places in this area, which was kind of an afterthought not too many years ago.

The future of Ferrari design is represented by the breathtaking SF90 Stradale, and it looks very bright indeed.

The SF90 marks a real step up from a creative and an execution standpoint: as a professional designer, I really can't fault it.

The front end design, in particular, is perfect: everything is very well resolved, and the graphic is neat and very modern. The same is true for the side view, which uses the color separation to good effect, and it's very clean thanks to the neatly concealed door handle.

I'd suggest to those who are shopping for an SF90 not to check the "carbon wheels" option box, as their design is a poor substitute for the standard alloy five spokes.

The SF90's cabin looks the part too, especially the neat arrangement for the switches on the center console: it's a cool nod to the bygone era of the gated shifter.

The current Ferrari V12 is a real joy to behold: a mechanical sculpture, a monument to a bygone era: naturally aspirated, high revving and with no hybrid frippery around. Pity that such magnificence has to be concealed under such clumsy, crass and bloated bodies...

The 812 GTS promotional video harks back to the days of the Daytona Spider, but the current car's design has none of the finesse and grace of its forebear.

And it's freaking huge! How is someone supposed to navigate scenic Alpine roads with this thing?

All is forgiven, though, as soon as I laid my eyes on pure automotive perfection. Beauty with the capital "B."

The single most beautiful automobile designed in at least 30 years: the Ferrari Monza SP1. I'm short of words to convey just how good this thing looks: it made me weak at the knees in a way only the most beautiful classic cars ever could. I've looked at every angle, every surface change, every feature of this masterpiece and couldn't find any fault, any oversight. If there's a car I'd do awful things to own, this is the one. As a professional designer, I have to admit I wouldn't know how to improve on it.

I sincerely hope the SP1 to be the first of a new breed of beautiful Ferraris...


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