Triumph TR6

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

The TR6 is often referred to as "The hairy-chested sports car"... Driving one made abundantly clear to me why!

The Triumph TR6 is, among the many cars I’ve driven, one of those that gave me the most satisfaction.

The TR6 may have been a 70s car, but don’t let the build date fool you: the 1969 TR6 was a clever restyling of the TR5, which in itself was a re-engined version of the TR4 that preceded it. The TR4’s elegant lines were the work of the Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti, but by the late 60s its chrome and tailfins were out of fashion. As often happens in British car industry, money was tight, so the TR6 body mostly consisted of redesigned front and rear end sections... By Karmann of Onasbruck, Germany.

The redesigned proved very successful, bringing the TR line more in line with the times and transforming the car: gone was the elegance of the TR5, giving way to a more masculine, butch appearance

Adjectives that very much still applied to the TR6’s driving experience too: it felt a world away from the delicacy of the Alfa Romeo I’ve covered in last week’s video...

If the Alfa was a dancer, light on its feet and very precise... The Triumph felt more truck-ish, a beast to be manhandled into the corners, bashed into submission. At the beginning I preferred the Alfa, but after a day or so I fell for the Triumph’s unique charms. Very rewarding to drive, with the low end grunt of its lazy 2.5l straight six making a good job of pulling the relatively light TR6 out of corners.

In short, loved that car to bits, so much so that I bought a Spitfire shortly after...

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