The Chase: A Family Story

Updated: Apr 1

During research for my first Aurelia video, I've remembered a story my late grandfather once told me that involved one such car. It's a funny story that I'll probably never forget, and I thought you might appreciate it too.

During the 1950s, my grandfather worked for a wealthy Turinese family, and his duties included chauffeuring the family patron in his Lancia Aurelia. Unfortunately, we will never know precisely which version of Aurelia it was, but it certainly was a four-door saloon.

The gentleman owner was undoubtedly very proud of his Lancia, though, as he didn't want anybody to overtake him on his way.

If any of the few cars populating Italy's roads back then dared to overtake the Aurelia, my grandfather was instructed to push on the accelerator and quickly reassert road superiority.

One day, a big car overtook the patron's Lancia. My grandfather floored the Lancia to catch up, as the patron wanted to know which car the offender was driving.

As soon as they got close enough to read the badge, my grandfather struggled to pronounce the strange, foreign-sounding name.


Upon hearing this, the boss said to grandpa to relax and give up the chase.

My grandpa wasn't much into cars, so we will never know which Jaguar that was, but my money is on a Mark I saloon, which was launched in 1955 and could have been bought by a very wealthy Italian in the period.

I hope you've enjoyed this little family story from the Fifties and, if you like quality automotive content on YouTube, please consider subscribing.


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