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Premiazione Campioni Alfa Romeo 2022 - Scuderia Del Portello

The Scuderia Del Portello, a true institution in the world of Alfa Romeos, celebrates its fortieth birthday this year. I was invited to the birthday party, and here's the video...

Forty years is a very long time for any human endeavor, let alone one made of gentlemen drivers campaigning their Alfas in various racing events worldwide. It may sound blunt, but it's hard to imagine a more voluptuary field of activity than this, so for one to achieve such a remarkable staying power speaks volumes about the amount of passion and sheer dedication to Alfa Romeo's cause of all the people involved.

That's why I consider it a great honor to be invited to their "Premiazione Dei Campioni Alfa Romeo" in the heart of Milan about a week ago. This yearly event reunites the Scuderia and its collaborators and supporters, which means I got to rub shoulders with some true racing legends, people that have books written about them.

So I guess now you can well imagine how ecstatic I felt when I heard my name among the various media types receiving the Scuderia's award for their work...



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