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Five Things You Didn't Know About The Alfa 75

The Alfa 75 enjoys a near-cult status among Italian enthusiasts, thanks to its unique position in Alfa Romeo's history, as the last model based on the Alfetta's sophisticated transaxle architecture.

Many videos and articles have been made about this seminal Alfa Romeo model, but here are five things you probably didn't know about the Alfa 75.

1) Alfa 75 Twin Spark "S."

The powerful 2.0 liters Twin Spark was presented in February 1987. Its superior performance was underlined by a more aggressive exterior trim package, standard on all markets except Switzerland. For a brief period, Swiss customers could buy a 75 Twin Spark with the more subdued look of the carbureted 2.0 liters it replaced, with the standard TS being labeled as the Twin Spark S.

2) Alfa 75 Turbo Evoluzione.

Made in 500 copies for "Group A" racing homologation, the Alfa 75 Turbo Evoluzione's engine saw its displacement very slightly reduced to comply with racing regulations. This was made necessary by the 1.7 coefficient used by the sport's ruling bodies to allow turbocharged engines to race with naturally-aspirated ones and, as the class limit was 3 liters, the Alfa engine in its original form would have fallen foul of the regs.

3) Those plastic profiles...

The 75's doors were carried over from the previous Giulietta, but Alfa Romeo's designers came up with the 75's characteristic grey plastic moldings to disguise that fact and raise the 75's beltline without requiring expensive sheet metal changes. By using them on the front and rear quarter panels as well, the designers cleverly transformed an expediency into a styling feature, gaining my lifelong respect in the process.

4) Rust protection

The damage to Alfa Romeo's image done by the early Alfasuds had been very significant, and the company worked hard to rectify its past mistakes. The 75 was actually better treated against corrosion than most cars of its era, with an electrophoresis layer almost double in thickness than rival manufacturers.

5) The Station Wagon that never was

Presented on the Alfa Romeo stand at the 1986 Geneva Motor Show in prototype form, the Alfa 75 Sport Wagon could have been a great success had it not been axed following Fiat's takeover of Alfa Romeo.

Allegedly, six prototype cars were made, with two currently preserved in the Alfa Romeo museum.


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