10 Modern Alfas Much Rarer Than You Think

The gorgeous Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione had always been intended to be a limited-run collectors' item (829 between 2008 and 2011). But what if I told you that quite a few modern mainstream Alfa models sold, for one reason or another, in similar or even much smaller quantities?

10 - 164 Q4 (1206 units between 1993 and 1995)

The Q4 represented the maximum expression of the 164, its ultimate specification. Its 3.0 liters V6 engine offered no more power than the previous Quadrifoglio Verde. Still, the permanent four-wheel-drive transmission made its 230 HP much easier and safer to use for all drivers.

9 - Brera 2.0 JTD (1079 units between 2009 and 2010)

Italy's high fuel prices meant most Alfas sold in the last 25 years have been diesel-powered. Still, very few of those are Breras equipped with the 1.9 JTDm engine. It was introduced in 2009 as the entry-level engine for the Brera and Spider, whose production was ultimately cut short in October 2010.

8 - 166 3.2 (1038 units between 2003 and 2007)

In 2003 the 166 received the nose it should have always had. Under the redesigned bonnet laid the 3.2 liters "Busso" V6, which superseded the long-running 3.0 liters. But the restyling did nothing to reverse the downward trend of 166 sales, and production was terminated in 2007 without a replacement model.

7 - GTV 3.2 (473 cars between 2003 and 2004)

The "916" GTV and Spider have done wonders for Alfa Romeo's image in period and have become appreciating classics today. But few enthusiasts know that some variants have production numbers as low as much more exotic machinery... So low that they occupy four spots on this chart.

6 - GTV 1.8 TS (454 units in 2000)

5 - Spider 1.8 TS (430 units in 2000)

4 - Spider 3.2 (415 units between 2003 and 2004)

3 - 155 Q4 S (411 units between 1995 and 1996)

The 155 Q4 is the most coveted model of its series. Rightfully so, given it's basically a more spacious and comfortable Lancia Integrale.

Many don't know that the Q4 also made part of the improved "series 2" 155 range introduced in 1995. I guess many didn't know that at the time either, as only about 400 "Series 2" Q4s were made between '95 and '96.

2 - Spider 2.0 JTDm (342 units between 2009 and 2010)

Open-air motoring and diesel clatter don't go well together, and the few people that bought the Spider in its twilight years stayed well clear of this one...

1 - Spider 2.0 V6 TB (14 units in 2000)



You've read that right.

The 2.0 liters V6 Turbo engine had been a popular choice for GTV buyers. Still, nobody chose it when made available on the Spider in 2000, making this Spider variant actually rarer than a 33 Stradale.

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